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Corporate legal services

Ongoing legal services

Developing businesses pose daily challenges that cannot be foreseen, but require timely and competent legal services – for instance, default of counterparts, including clients, unforeseen suspensions of utility services essential for the working environment, ungrounded claims against the company, newly introduced sanitary requirements for employers and producers, force majeure situations, including taking company vehicles off the road or suspending them during work and in business hours. The list of examples is not exhaustive, but sometimes, these may constitute unsurmountable obstacles to restoring the usual workflow or to resuming the company’s operations at all. Sometimes these matters require very accurate and quick reaction to prevent long-term consequences on the business. Our rich practical experience in servicing companies and businesses in almost all economic fields, for instance, construction, real estate, debt collection, hospital and healthcare, the wine sector, production of washing detergents, retail and wholesale, as well as lease of construction machinery, may be useful, when necessary. We will be your partners in resolving any legal issues related to your operations.