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Procedural legal representation

Upon communication with the administration, it is not uncommon that you may be surprised by alleged irregularity of the documents provided, their incompleteness or untruthfulness. Such bureaucratic impediments, which are in most case the result of the incompetence of state and municipal bodies, may cost lots of money and time, which cannot be recovered. That is why professional representation before public bodies may be immensely beneficial, in terms of monetary and time savings. Our experience in this area is extremely rich, due to our daily interaction with various state and municipal bodies.

In addition, communication with the judicial bodies is largely formalized, concentrated into specific documents with statutory content and mandatory elements. This does not mean that personal communication with bodies of the judicial power is restricted. The only statutory restriction is imposed for representation before the Supreme Court of Cassation, due to the great specifics of proceedings and their factual and legal complexity – representation before the country’s supreme court may only be done by lawyers with certain minimum experience. However, free communication and representation before judicial bodies, unless carried out by professionals, may be very risky for a legal subject’s rights and interests, because unlike administrative bodes, judicial bodies are not obliged to notify parties of errors and omissions – each party is responsible for and suffers the consequences of its procedural conduct. The team of Nikolaev and Partners has practical experience in procedural legal representation before a large number of regional and district courts in the country in property cases related to real estate – against natural persons, business entities, municipalities, commercial and civil legal relations of monetary nature, contractual default, protection from monopolies in the field of utility services, as well as before the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court in relation to real estate, construction and proceedings executing arbitration rulings.

Procedural legal representation is not limited in its nature to the state bodies. Accurate communication between subjects of equal status is very important, for instance when holding business negotiations, discussing conditions, and preparing agreements. Professional legal support in such situations may save any future court cases that may result from poorly negotiated conditions or incorrect declarations of intent. In this area, our team has participated in dozens of business negotiations of all types – transactions in real estate, wholesale trade, transfer of business entities, civil works, bank loans from national and international banks, incorporating collaterals – mortgages, special pledges, pledges on financial instruments, personal collaterals, as well as out-of-court settlements of already initiated litigations.