Legal services

Every successful business needs relevant, timely and fast legal services, from registration of incorporation and changes, through restructuring, holding meetings, to protection in case of liquidation and bankruptcy.

Transactions in real estates are among the most common in our daily lives, but quite often our idea of their procedure and essence is very distorted and inaccurate, leading to unjustified and unforeseen risks.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) already changes the way the financial system works with application ranging from smart contracts to an entirely new philosophy of making payments, borrowing and investing.

Investment intentions in construction undergo stages of survey, negotiations, design, approval, building, commissioning, and only then are they fulfilled.

The delegation of actions to competent persons before the public bodies, including judicial ones, is the only right approach to the final resolution of issues.

Cash does not always “flow” in the desired direction and with the required rate; the reasons for this may vary and may impact both the effectiveness and efficiency of debt collection.

What more can we offer?

Our lawyers also have rich practical experience in protection from administrative bodies, municipalities and the state, monopolies, banks, divorce by mutual consent, marriage contracts, inheritance and partition. Contact us!