Enforcement calculator for minimum attorney's fees and fees due to a bailiff

This legal calculator also provides a possibility to calculate the minimum attorney's fees, which are due according to the adopted tariff, as well as the fees due to bailiffs (PEA and / or SEA) for the specified types of enforcement actions, or for due taxes and fees upon acquisition of property at public sale under the Civil Procedure Code, as well as for minimum non-sequestrable income and amount of deductions in case of seizure on remuneration. The calculator focuses on calculating all proportional fees listed in the ordinance and tariffs, allowing you to view the final amounts and price due. For other enforcement actions for which simple minimum non-material interest fees and charges are provided and which are not specified in the calculator, reference should be made to the relevant act. Nikolaev & Partners Law Firm is not responsible for any technical errors and inaccuracies in the calculations.

The calculations are based on the provisions of the respective tariffs and the acts for their application, as follows:

  • Ordinance № 1 of 9.07.2004 on the minimum amounts of attorneys' fees (amended, issue 68 of 31.07.2020);
  • Tariff for the state fees, which are collected by the courts under the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) (amended, issue 35 of 02.05.2017);
  • Tariff for fees and expenses to the Private Enforcement Agents Act (issue 100 of 18.12.2015);
  • Tariff for the state fees collected by the Registry Agency (amended and supplemented, issue 99 of 12.12.2017);
  • Ordinance for determining the amount of local taxes of the Sofia Municipal Council (amended and supplemented - Decision № 51 under Protocol № 5 of 30.12.2019);
  • Code of Civil Procedure (issue 68 of 31.07.2020);
  • Decree № 331 of the Council of Ministers of 26.11.2020 for determining the amount of the minimum wage for the country (issue 103 of 4.12.2020, in force from 1.01.2021);