Сливания, придобивания и преструктуриране

Corporate legal services

Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring

Your business’ growth will inevitably lead to acquisition of other entities, mergers of your company with others, the need of changes in the type of company and separation or incorporation of other subsidiaries to meet the challenges of growth. These processes can be very complicated when the company’s structure also includes transborder structures within and outside the European Union. Apart from the legal issues, we will also provide support in clarifying the purely economic and accounting issues accompanying company restructuring, which is always necessary in order to clarify the property of each company involved in the restructuring, changes in capital, etc. We will help you select the most appropriate legal form to perform and expand your business, will prepare the whole documentation and will perform all subsequent registrations into the public registers. We have participated in the active acquisition of companies and business entities, and have carried out successful mergers and transformations of companies of various types.